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Expert Carpet Cleaning Portage-Valpo-LaPorte

Proudly Serving the Communities of Valparaiso, Crown Point, LaPorte, and Surrounding Areas

Did You Know?
  • Floor Coverings are a major reservoir for indoor and outdoor allergens, including animal dander and dust mites.
  • Carpet acts as a huge filter, and by keeping it clean, you help keep the air cleaner in a home or business.
  • Hard surfaces that are unsealed or are sealed with poor quality sealers are a sponge for oil, food or beverage spills, which can result in permanent staining.
  • Trapped dirt hiding in carpet is not always visible to the naked eye.
  • Dust stored in carpets can aggravate breathing problems, cause burning eyes and itching skin, and make allergy problems worse.
  • Concrete floors that are left dirty tend to dull and scratch quickly because dirt and sand act as abrasives to the floor's surface.
  • Carpet can hold 8 times its weight in toxin-filled dirt.
  • Most carpet manufactures warranty packet includes “Homeowner Obligations” which states. In order to maintain and protect your coverage under the terms of these warranties, you must do the following: show proof of periodic steam cleaning by a professional cleaning service.
"I want someone I can trust to do the job right."
According to the EPA, regular cleaning of carpets and hard surface floors ensures that working and living areas are kept hygienic. We clean all types of floor coverings with state of the art equipment and our technicians have the latest IICRC training available. Our comprehensive protocol ensures that your expectations are exceeded the moment we knock on the door with:
  • Clean-cut service professionals that passed thorough extensive drug & background checks.
  • Uniforms & personal ID badges.
  • The cleaning process will be thoroughly explained with no bait and switch gimmicks.
  • Complete Customer Satisfaction
 Rainbow International of Northwest Indiana is an IICRC Certified firm # 204814; all of our service professionals have IICRC Certifications. We are licensed, bonded and insured. We enjoy strong working relationships with many insurance companies.
"Finding someone who really cares about my home or business like I do can be difficult."
Established in 1980, Rainbow International is a leading residential and commercial restoration and cleaning services provider with locations throughout the United States. Since day one every job has had one thing in common – a concerned property owner. We understand your concerns and take them, and our job, seriously.  We treat your home as if it were our own home. Our goal is to exceed customer expectations by offering a world class front line service.
World Class Front Line Service Checklist
  • Place Rainbow International door mat in entry to prevent tracking of soil into home.
  • Wear Rainbow International I.D. badge and present business card to customer.
  • Pre-inspect carpet with customer, review each area of concern, measure square footage, price cleaning, obtain customer approval and where to begin.
  • Pre-vacuum carpet to remove dry particle soil. Studies have shown that 79% of the soil in carpet is dry particle, which is the largest contributor to carpet wear.
  • Place corner guards in home to protect walls from cleaning hose markings and use safety mat in transition are to prevent slipping.
  • Pre-treat spots, stains, and high traffic areas to loosen soil from carpet fibers.
  • Discuss with the customer any difficult spots or stains that you believe normal cleaning may not remove and make plan of action with customer's input.
  • Move all appropriate furniture, clean underneath, and place back in the same spot on top of furniture tabs to protect carpet and furniture.
  • Use hot water extraction & minimum residue cleaning process to lease minimum residue and return carpet to a neutral pH.
  • Use Scotchgard/Teflon demonstration card and educate customer about the benefits.
  • Perform final grooming of carpet to list up fibers and remove wand tracks.
  • Wipe down hard surfaces and tile floors to remove any moisture or soil.
  • When finished, inspect areas cleaned with customer to ensure satisfaction.
  • Present customer with a first aid spot guide for customer quick reference.
  • Call within a week of the job being completed to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our staff strives to provide you with professional service and the highest-quality results each and every time we come to your home.  The following tips can help you prepare for your appointment.
  • Please have smaller items picked up off the floor and move furniture out of the room if at all possible.
  • If you need our technicians to move furniture, please advise them of any special conditions to consider such as wobbly legs, loose tops, etc.
  • Please pick up any scraps of paper or large garbage that our vacuum won't pick up.
  • Please pin-up any full-length draperies so they will be at least six inches off the floor.
  • If you have skirting on upholstered furniture, please also pin-up so it will not touch the carpeting.
  • For stains, let the technician know any information you have on the cause.  This will help them to treat the stains with the most appropriate products and methods.
  • If you have a pet, it is best to have them in a safe and quiet place so they will not be disturbed by the cleaning process.
  • For pet odors, we will do all that we can to ensure success.  However, please note that 100% elimination of the odor may not be possible depending on the degree of soiling.  You may also notice the odor for several days after cleaning if the humidity is high, referred to as "off-gassing."
  • Large furniture pieces such as China cabinets, sectional sofas, and entertainment centers cannot be moved.  However our technicians can effectively clean around the base.
  • Safety is of utmost importance, so we ask that you please keep an extra close eye on curious little ones.
We want your experience with Rainbow International to be positive and to leave your carpets in the best condition possible. If there is anything we can do to improve our services, please let us know at rainbow@nwindiana.us Attn: Jim Combs President
Our expertise reaches to the following areas:
We serve South and East Lake County, Indiana, including Cedar Lake 46303, Crown Point 46307, Hobart 46342, Lowell 46356, Lake Station 46405, Miller 46403, Winfield 46307, New Chicago 46342.
We serve all of Porter County, Indiana, including Beverly Shores 46301, Burns Harbor 46304, Chesterton 46304, Dunes Acres 46304, Hebron 46341, Kouts 46347, Ogden Dunes 46368, Portage 46368, Porter 46304, South Haven 46385, Valparaiso 46383 & 46385, and Wheeler 46385.
We serve all of LaPorte County, Indiana, including Hanna 46340, LaCrosse 46348, LaPorte 46350, Michigan City 46360, Wanatah 46390 and Westville 46391.


Check out our restoration page for information on water damage, fire damage and mold damage restoration.

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