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Rainbow International of Northeast Pennsylvania Leads Multi-State Flood Catastrophe Response

September 16th, 2011 by Rainbow International

A local Rainbow International office has coordinated a multi-state catastrophe response to help home and business owners recover from water damage after historic flooding along Pennsylvania’s Susquehanna River. Mobile Catastrophe Response Teams from six states are on location to assist the thousands of people affected.

“Our local team welcomes this help from other Rainbow International offices,” said Gary Johnson, franchise owner of Rainbow International of Northeast Pennsylvania. “With flooding of this magnitude and severity, a coordinated response that pools the talents, resources and manpower of multiple locations in our network best serves the needs of the people impacted by this disaster.”

The double-punch of heavy precipitation from Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee inundated large portions of eastern Pennsylvania, pushing dam and levee systems to their limits. At this time, 19 Pennsylvania counties have been declared federal disaster areas. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) disaster recovery centers are open across the area and the American Red Cross has opened shelters to those in need.

Unseasonably cool temperatures forecast for the region for the next few days will compound the challenges facing home and business owners with water damaged properties.

“Our focus right now is helping as many people as we can get back into their homes,” Johnson added. “There are techniques and technology we can use, like Rapid Structural Drying, which allow us to help people displaced by this epic flood get back into their homes and their lives as quickly as possible.”

Rapid Structural Drying, a water damage restoration process pioneered by Rainbow International, involves the physical removal of water from a home or business, followed by evaporation using high-velocity air blowers and dehumidification.

Water damage is progressive in nature,” said Rainbow International President Rob White. “Safely and thoroughly drying a flooded home or business as quickly as possible can help mitigate potential future damage, including mold growth. Rapid Structural Drying helps minimize stress and inconvenience and is proven to reduce time and expense for property owners and their insurance providers.”

 “We’re joined by Rainbow International teams from across the nation as we work to help our friends and neighbors recover from this flood,” Johnson said. “That strength of numbers lets us help more people faster, which means everything if you’re forced out of your home or business by flood damage.”

Flood victims can visit and for help and more information.

The local Rainbow International team can be reached at (570) 965-2255 or